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Validation support

Operation qualification test / Smoke pattern test / Sound level & luminance test / Up-flow velocity tes


Valve and Fitting has been installed according to the International standards, this was an internal copper connections to prevent corrosion,

External ports adopted a simple touch of a button.

By applying a fluorescent type of explosion protection inside, safe from explosion and fire, replacement is easy designed and applied.

An interior wall material, the introduction of SUS304, safe from corrosion by the gas and,

Wall and damage which caused an explosion and fire in the sample (soot / smoke / toxic gases) there is no risk.

Internal bench flooring material is adopted the Serra dynamite with resistance, an amnesty designed to bump structure,

The water used in the experiment was not full.
1.Air Velocity Monitor

Setting over / LED monitor with alarm function of wind speed or less is detected.

2.LCD Control System

- Based on the current wind speed, wind speed is at a minimum when it is not in the test or the door is closed.

- The door is open or maintain a fair wind and when being experimental.

Through this control method, to suppress the extraneous power consumption, and product operation, and maximizing the economic efficiency and product durability

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon6.gifMODEL NO

PHFH 1200
PHFH 1500
PHFH 1800
PHFH 2100


http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif1000 x 660 x 960

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif1300 x 660 x 960

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif1600 x 660 x 960

1900 x 660 x 960


1200 x 872 x 2225

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif1500 x 872 x 2225

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif1800 x 872 x 2225

2100 x 872 x 2225


General type

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon6.gifMaterial (Interior)

Stainless steel plate(SUS 304 2B)

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon6.gifMaterial (exterior)

Steel plate with powder coated

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon6.gifDuct(PVC or stainless steel)

Ø150 or Ø200mm

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gifØ250 or Ø300mm

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon6.gifEmission capacity

 1/4HP or 1/3HP

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif1/2HP or 1HP

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon6.gifAir volume(CCM)

9 ~ 18
12 ~ 23
14 ~ 29
17 ~ 34

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon6.gifAir velocity

0.25~0.5 m/sec

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon6.gifPlug typel 

European 220 VAC 50/60Hz STD 1 phase


With the use of fuses which are optimal to each part, overcurrent is shut- off.


Lamp, blower switch on/off


Explosion proof fluorescent lamp 20W x 1EA

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gifExplosion proof fluorescent lamp 30W x 1EA


N2 cock / air cock / water cock & valve, wall mount consent 110v 220V x 2EA

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon6.gifGlass door 

Weight balanced sliding tempered safety glass 5mm thick


PURIFUME LCD Control system, air velocity monitor, fitting & valve accessories


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